Are you unable to enjoy a short trip because of feeding chickens at home? Do you often forget to feed chickens and make them hungry? Let’s take a look at our PawHut Rainproof Outdoor Chicken Feeder. The 11.5kg capacity feed can let 10 chickens eat for about a week, so that you can save money and time, and let the chickens enjoy buffet anytime. Our poultry feeder made is made of galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy which makes this automatic chicken feeder really strong and durable, weather proof to ensure feed drying. The comprehensive design of this outdoor chicken feeder for chickens, make your chickens grow healthily and lay eggs happily. Specifications: – Color: Silver – Material: Galvanized Steel, Aluminum – Overall Dimension: 42L x 51D x 28.5H cm – Top Rain-cover Size: 36L x 15.5D x 3H cm – Feeding Capacity: 11.5kg – Feeding Outlet Size: 34.5L x 8.3D x 8.5H cm – Rain-cover Size: 36L x 10.3D x 2.3H cm – Baffle: 16.5cm W (Upper), 12.1cm W (lower) – Pedal Size: 42L x 17.5D x 1.5H cm